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Post 1 -Skills Trawl and Audit

I am in the process of setting up a series of email and hardcopy information letters that will be sent out on a regular basis regarding workday activities, maintenance projects and day tasks that might be available on non workdays within the club.

If you have already responded to my original email of 5th April 2008 my apologies and naturally there is no need to respond again.

Part of my process as discussed at recent Committee meetings is to run a skill audit of members.
You do not have to respond to this communication but I would be grateful if you would consider doing so.

I am going to compile a list that will be available to all club committee officers that will help all aspects of the clubs skill base.

The list will show the trade, profession or hobby skill that each member indicates that they would be prepared to impart to the club through workdays or one off organised maintenance projects and club related activities.

Your preference for what you would like to do is most important to me as the Projects Officer as I am trying to encourage members to become more involved and enjoy the club’s great facilities

I am myself a technical surveyor working for a central government agency, but I am more than happy when digging a trench (yes I broke a water pipe on my first workday) or pressure hosing down a patio.

I respect that there will be some members that will be unable to partake in any tasks.
However doing much of the required work ourselves means that we all benefit from our membership fees being as low as possible. Workday participation is actually a great way of getting to know other members.
Please let me know what you would like and feel competent to be your skill marker (e.g. painting, clearing general rubbish, fixing fences etc)
You can do this by email geofftina.penygarn@tiscali.co.uk or by dropping a line to the club and addressing to Geoff Higgins (Projects Officer) or even phoning me on 01269 591913 (Home) / 01792 497738 (Work).

Don’t forget folks workdays are normally on the Saturday following the Monthly Committee meeting (held on first Wednesday of each month). Starting around 09:30am and generally finishing around Noon to 1:00pm
Our active ‘house team’ provide great hot soups, mugs of tea and coffee free for all those attending the workday.

Many thanks
Geoff Higgins
Projects Officer.
8th May 2008

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